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430 W Lincoln Ave, Charleston IL!

(Next to Papa John's Pizza & Advance Auto Parts,
across the street from Walgreens!)

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Message from Jim:

Over the years I have managed to turn my love of using, building and repairing computers as a hobby, into my full-time occupation.  I started programming computers in Fortran in 1966, using mainframe computers and punch-cards.  I bought my first Desktop PC in 1983 - an Apple IIe for just under $2,000.  I bought my first Hard Drive in 1984 - a 5 MEG drive for the Apple, and get this, it cost $1,800!!!

In the mid 90's, I moved to the "IBM compatible" platform, starting with Windows™ 3.1, and every version of Windows™ since.  I spent 2 years full time doing computer and Internet Tech support for a small ISP in Arkansas, and started designing Web sites in 1997.  I was Webmaster for the state of Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality from 2000 until the end of 2003, when we moved to Charleston.

I have worked in Charleston doing Computer Repair and Web Design since early 2004, and opened my own shop here October 16, 2006.

Come and see us - let us put our 40+ years Computer Experience to work for you!


Below are links to my work, my loves and my hobbies...

My on-line computer HELP pages:

Check out this cute Merry Christmas Card!
(A take-off of the original Bing Crosby White Christmas song!)


GOOD NEWS... One of the "fans" of the card owns an ISP and volunteered to host the file on his personal servers... THANK YOU!

Now also available on YouTube...


It got so popular that it exceeded my allotted 50GB bandwidth...
This month to date it received 221,323 hits, using 87GB bandwidth!
I added a link to another website, but they pulled it 12/21 also!

JimD 12/22/06


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