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Welcome!!  We are here to serve YOU...
Below you will find a description of our services...
Let us put your timberland to work for you!

We offer four primary services:

  1. Timberland Management - we offer a full range of management services for your timberland.  We work with you to determine your objectives... what you want out of your timberland.  For example, if you are wanting a consistent income from your land, we can set up cuts on a rotation where you receive income on a frequent basis.

  2. Logging - we offer select cuts, and clear cuts.

    • We buy both saw timber and pulpwood at competitive prices.
    • We buy timber on a pay-as-cut basis... by the ton or by the cord, and per thousand board feet Doyle Scale, whichever you prefer.
    • We buy timber on a lump sum basis... we pay you for your timber in advance and have a specified period to log.
    • Our loggers have obtained "Pro Logger" status.
    • We log with State-of-the-Art Equipment.
  3. Land Purchase - we buy land and timber.  If your objective is to sell your timberland, give US an opportunity to bid on purchasing it.

  4. Timber Appraisals - need an appraisal of your timberland property?  Let us give you the professional appraisal you need for proper evaluation of your options.

In addition to our four primary services, we specialize in Custom Cut Cypress Lumber... green or dry... your choice.

To learn more about us and our services, please click the "Contact Us" link above and fill out our information request form... we will get back to you shortly.


Office: 501-776-2654   Glenn Haddox: 501-315-0560 (Night)   Steve Hawthorne: 501-332-6580 (Night)

Email: info@hhforestry.com

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