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PowerDesk® Utilities
PowerDesk® = Windows, Supercharged
Take the Work out of Working with Windows! PowerDesk Utilities 98 is a fully integrated set of desktop tools for Windows 95, 98 and NT, which directly tackle many of the common irritations of the Windows Explorer. PowerDesk Utilities 98 adds a wealth of tools which users normally have to purchase separately from several different companies (compression, file viewing, security, email attachments decoding, and many, many more)...

Got a few hundred photos or graphic images? Thousands?
Downloaded, traded, saved, it doesn't matter how you got 'em - you've got duplicates!
And until now, there has been no easy, let alone intuitive, way to get rid of them...

No two ways around it - the easiest way to manage your image files is visually. Ember is an explorer style program just for graphics files. Navigate to a directory and BAM! Instant thumbs! Multimedia extensions available to handle more than graphics files as well.

So what does DU Meter actually do? Quite simply, it lets you see how much of your full bandwidth potential is actually utilized at any given point of time, either by displaying a real-time graph, numerical display, or both. It lets you actually SEE the data flowing!

The Professional Way to Move Files! Quickly and easily upload and manage your Web site, download graphics and games, and transfer files with the world’s most popular FTP client for Windows.



Do you need a good way to read Internet newsgroups without having to sift through all the fluff? If you spend a lot of time trying to find the information that interests you, be sure to check out Agent, the most popular online/off-line news and mail reader software on the Internet. Agent and its freeware version, Free Agent, are available for Windows in 16-bit and 32-bit versions. These products make it easy and efficient to collect and organize your news and they can save you money by allowing you to read mail and news off-line!

Free Agent is your guide to news, fun and information in the Usenet newsgroups. And it's FREE!
Free Agent is offered as freeware... essentially a "trial" version of its more powerful "big brother."

Download Assistant: Categorize, track, and Automate all of your Internet Downloads!

Macro Magic: Record repetitive tasks once and then simplify them into a single step!

If you are still downloading picture files by hand - be sure to check out this link.

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