Outlook 97 Config Instructions

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1) Open Outlook and click Tools, then click Services.

Tools -> Services

2)Now you should be at the Services window.
Make sure you have these things listed :

  • Personal Folders
  • an Address Book
  • Internet Mail


Note: If you don't have these listed, click the ADD button

If you do have Internet Mail, select it, and hit the Properties button


3) Select Internet Mail, and hit OK

4) Next make sure you are on the General tab.


5) Fill in your name, and e-mail address. Organization is optional.

6) Next where it says Internet Mail Server:

Make sure it says - mail.up-link.net

7) Where it says Account Name, put your Username.

8) Fill in your password.

9) Click on the Connection Tab.


10) Press the dot next to connect using my modem.

11) Select Up-Link Internet from the list.

12) Press OK.

13) Press OK again.


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