Netscape 4.5 Mail Config Instructions

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1) Open Netscape Communicator 4.5, and click on the EDIT menu, then click Preferences.

Edit -> Prefs

2) Click the "+" next to Mail & Newsgroups, and then click the Identity tab on the side.


3) Fill in Your name, and Email address.
Organization is optional.

4) Next, click on Mail Servers on the Left.

Mail Servers

5) Next, where it says Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Make sure it says

6) Where is says Outgoing mail server user name:
Type your username here.

7) Next click on the Edit button

(If the Edit button is "grayed out", press the Add button)

Mail Server

8) The Server Name should be

9) Server Type should be POP3 Server.

10) Fill in your username in the Username box.

11) Press OK.

12) Press OK again.


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This page last updated 09/28/11

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