Eudora Lite Config Instructions

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1) Open Eudora

2) Under Tools select Options at the bottom.
This opens the Options box. On the left side is a list of Icons that you can select, and in turn change the settings for each on the right.

(Note: This may be in a different location.
Older versions of Eudora had this listed as under Special menu - > Settings.)

3) Select the icon Getting Started. You should now see the Options screen:

Getting Started

For POP account:

4) Fill this in exactly as is appears here, except substitute YOUR login name for "jdoe".

For example: If your Internet login name is - jdoe, then you will want to type in -

5) Real Name (Optional): Fill this in with your name. In this case John Doe.

6) Now Select the Icon for Personal Info on the left side. Now on the right side, fill in the Dialup Username.

Personal Info

7) The Dial-up Username will be the same as your Internet login name.

8) Next fill in the Reply Address with your e-mail address.

9) Now Select the Icon for Hosts on the left side. On the right side enter the correct host name in the following fields:



10) Enter this in the SMTP space:

Ph: Leave this one blank

Finger: Leave this one blank, too.


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