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Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program

The Need

Employers realize that a wide range of personal problems can affect an employee's job performance. In some instance, the employee will overcome such personal problems independently, and the effect on job performance will be negligible. Some employees, however, acting alone with no professional help, will not realize a lasting, positive resolution to the problems. The employee's problems, therefore, linger and work performance suffers.

No one is immune to personal problems. Problems are unfortunate facts of life experienced by everyone, everywhere. Quite often some personal problems adversely affect employees' performance at work, affecting productivity and straining their relationships with coworkers.

The most common personal problems affecting the workplace include:

Marital Problems

Substance Abuse


Financial Difficulties

Physical Problems

Legal Problems

Parenting Issues

Caring for Elderly Parents


The Issues

Human Resources personnel are often confronted with issues that require expert assistance.

They include:

Violence in the Workplace

DOT, NRC and other Federal and State Regulatory Requirements

Dysfunctional Working Groups

Providing Confidential Access to Professional Help


The Solution

Counselors Link offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The Counselors Link E.A.P. is designed to improve the personal and professional lives of the employees and family members of client companies.  The program includes an appropriate On-line Counselor with Counselors Link or the Counselor to make an appropriate referral to our outside network of professionals.  Our Professionals will identifies problems at the earliest possible stage, motivates the member to seek help, and provides the comprehensive assistance necessary to solve the problems.

The Counselors Link E.A.P. provides a Toll-Free Phone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for access to a network of licensed/Certified professional counselors in a multitude of disciplines.  The E.A.P. can be voluntary or a "gatekeeper" to mental health benefits.  It is a completely confidential program that provides professional assistance in areas such as:

Marriage and Family Problems

Stress and Depression



Social Security/Disability

Aging Parents

Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse


Fitness/Weight Control

And More…


Additional Services

The Counselors Link E.A.P. also offers other services to the employer such as:

Critical Incident Debriefing – C.I.D. places a professional at the employer's site to deal with emotional issues after a critical event. C.I.D. has responded to issues such as loss of life at the workplace, robberies, earthquakes, downsizing and other emotionally traumatic events.

Formal Supervisory Referrals – F.S.R.'s give the supervisor another tool when dealing with job performance issues. Personal problems do become a workplace problem as soon as they affect job performance. With an F.S.R., the employee seeks help with the problems through the E.A.P., and the supervisor deals with the workplace issues

Training - Counselors Link E.A.P. offers comprehensive training for Human Resource personnel, supervisors and employees.

Brown Bag Seminars - Counselors Link offers a wide range of brown bag luncheon seminars conducted on site, regarding workplace issues ranging from parenting to drug awareness.

Professional Referral Services - Counselors Link offers referrals for support groups, community resources, aging parents, legal and financial credit issues, if we don’t have professionals is that area.



Counselors Link protects the confidentiality of the employee or dependent. No information about the individual's participation or program record will be disclosed without the individual's voluntary, written permission.

Clinical Expertise

Counselors Link E.A.P. is under the direction of licensed professionals trained to deal with behavioral and workplace issues (Click here to see our "Keys to Safer Work Places"). Each employee and dependent receives the benefit of professional assessments and outcome-oriented, focused counseling. Counselors Link E.A.P. also provides appropriate referrals to specialists under the Employer's Benefit Plan if there is not one on our team and if such a referral is necessary.

When emotional and stress-related problems become disruptive to a person's ability to function effectively in the workplace, Counselors Link network of professionals is available to respond and resolve the problem. Providers are fully licensed to practice in their respective state and discipline. They are subject to the high credentialing standards of Counselors Link.


Counselors Link E.A.P. provides early intervention and short-term problem resolution. Many cases can be handled directly through the E.A.P. The E.A.P. also serves the employer by delivering the following:

Reducing healthcare expenditures.

Allowing the Employee to access the EAP program without leaving the workplace, if computer access is available.

Increasing productivity, because the Employee does not have to leave the office early to get to the appointment.

Improving supervisor and manager awareness of personal issues affecting employees' lives.

Providing information on issues affecting workplace performance through Work Place Seminars.

Intervening early to resolve emerging problems before the issues became acute.

Reducing employee absenteeism, turnover, and poor productivity due to personal problems.

Supporting compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.


Mission Statement

Our dedication to quality care is manifest throughout the organization in the caliber of our network of Counselors on the team.  Counselors Link continues to evaluate and study our services to improve the delivery and outcome that is provided to our value clients.

Counselors Link is the pacesetter on the Internet among Counselor professions, and we strive to adhere to the highest standards in our prospective fields. Ours is a network of specialists with a range and depth of experience unsurpassed among Counselor providers on the Internet. A proven dedication to excellence is the primary criterion before a Counselor is included into the Counselors Link system.

Clients are afforded not only the expertise of a single provider, but a network of professionals with the flexibility and broad range of experience to create just the right service alternative that is both client-effective, client available and cost effective. With unmatched dedication, the Counselors Link team works carefully and responsibly with innovative protocols designed to successfully meet any client’s challenges.

Our focus on quality has resulted in significant and continued growth, most of which has come from listening to our clients and providing a broad range of Professionals available when the client needs them. Counselors Link has developed a Seamless Transition process, which insures continuity of care for all clients. We can guarantee that no member's service will be disrupted, although if we are the cause for a disruption, Counselors Link will provide a full refund.

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NOTE:  This is a Double-Hammer Computer Services DEMO site, and is no longer active!
Please view with that in mind... information, forms and links may no longer be valid.
Copyrights may continue to be held by the original owners of the site.


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